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Jhaeda Way

Name: Jhaeda Way
Age: 22
Birthdate: Febuary 29
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5"6
Weight: 123 llbs
Bloodtype: A
Religon: Agnostic
Occupation: College drop-out, she wanted to pursue her musical career as the lead singer for an unnamed punk-rock band. Since it is an underground band, she works as a bartender every night.
Current Residency: Old Hawksberg, Mallevis
Physical Condition: insomnia
Hobbies: singing, song-writing
Skills: She has excellent aim and good survival skills.
Likes: guns, rock music, alcohol, and occasionally, Marijuana
Dislikes: happy people, preachers, businessmen
Pets: N/A
Marks / Scar / Tattoes: An Anarchy sign tattoo on her shoulder
Appearance: She has long flowing black hair, that she sometimes pins up, and dark eyes. Her complexion is pale and she wears mostly full black or white outfits. She wears hoop earrings on both ears.
Family Background: She was born in a conventional Christian family and lived an ordinary life until her father was fired from his job for a petty mistake he committed. Discharged from a high position, he was unable to find any work for awhile and so the family was forced into moving into a cheap run-down apartment. Life changed drastically at that point and so did Jhaeda. She swayed towards juvenile delinquency and found herself committing thefts with other hooligans. Eventually, unable to cope with the difficult life style, her parents began to get weak and sick. When they were close to death so as a form of euthanasia, Jhaeda killed them. After that, she began to do full-scale illegalities to financially support herself and began murdering people to vent her personal anguish. Then, a large scale bank robbery perpetrated by the gang she was in failed miserably and everyone was imprisoned. She managed to escape though and cut her ties with gangs from then on. The police began investigating her as part of the robbery and to escape suspicion, she changed her name and assumed a new identity. From there, she acquired many fake licenses and IDs and managed to get a job as a bartender at a local bar. One night, she met a man named Lucas at a bar and remembered him from a gang she joined in her younger years, they reminisced about their pasts and the night ended with intimacy. Soon after, they formed the band that has yet to be named. Though she stopped her money laundering, she still continued her killings as a way to vent her anger at the world.
Personality: She's horribly anti-social and hates it when people try to start a conversation with her. Apprehensive, Jhaeda hates it when people try to change or lecture her. She's independent but likes to take advantage of others until they run out of use. Also, she's very fickle and tends to drift from one thing to another. She's also rather sadistic.
Strengths: She's clever and can easily think of a way out of things. She's also street-smart and witty. She's rebellious and non-conforming.
Weaknesses: She's lazy and thus weak-willed, flinching at the first sight of responsibility. She usually cheats her way out of things, just to get it over with.

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