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Bob Rainbow

Name: Bob Rainbow
Age: 45
Birthdate: July 4
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5"8
Weight: 276 llbs
Bloodtype: A
Religon: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Detective
Current Residency: Ardora, Mallevis
Physical Condition: Obesity and other related health issues.
Hobbies: playing...with himself
Skills: Fast eater, he's won the APD eating contest 8 years in a row.
Likes: Donuts, sadomasochism, furry handcuffs, women with piercings on their *cough*
Dislikes: People who want to steal his cases and/or donuts, distractions and things that stand in his way, insults, sabotages
Pets: N/A
Marks / Scar / Tattoes: N/A
Appearance: beer belly, balding on the top of his head, other strands are light brown. He has a favorite cap: New York Yankees, that he wears when investigating every case
Family Background: Spent his childhood in New Zealand but then his family migrated to Mallevis where Bob finished his studies and graduated from the police academy. He then joined the APD and worked his way up to detective rank and is now one of the eldest officers in the APD. Despite his large size, Bob can boast having survived many gun fights (although he usually spent his time hiding behind a wall or the police car). He was married twice but divorced both women because they accused him of being a workaholic, a cheater and being too wild and kinky in bed to the point of his ex-wives being creeped-out. Now to fill the sexual void, Bob hits on everyone, spends his hard-earned cash at strip clubs and brothels. He decided anyway to be "single and sexy" for the rest of his life as his one true love is donuts.
Personality: Being on the APD for quite sometime, Bob likes it when the rookies or new recruits show him respect and makes it a point that they call him "sir". Although he's fat and not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, he works hard at being a police officer and actually succeeds in solving most cases. He hates being outshone especially by someone who "steals his babes" from him. Above all though, Bob is a big pervert and a man who thinks with his crotch and belly.
Strengths: diligent at his job, despite his lack of physical fitness he works hard at his job, down to earth
Weaknesses: always horny and a big pervert, arrogant and likes to think himself better or above other even when he's actually not that competent, rude and like to make offensive sexual jokes/pick-up lines
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