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Ashe Miller

Name: Marie Ashely Miller
Age: 20
Birthdate: May 14
Birthplace: Ardora, Mallevis
Gender: Female
Race: American
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 124 llbs
Bloodtype: O
Religion: Protestant
Occupation: College Student taking up HRM
Current Residency: Ardora, Malleivs
Physical Condition: N/A
Hobbies: artistic roller skating, stalking Damien
Skills: She's good at cooking and sewing.
Likes: Damien, collecting dolls, dressing Mr. Terrance up, flowers, cute little animals
Dislikes: people who are close to Damien, hobos, insects, rats
Pets: Mr. Terrance, a Pomeranian dog (that ironically hates Damien)
Marks / Scar / Tattoos: N/A
Appearance: She has long wavy light brown hair which is usually made neater with a clip or ribbon and has sapphire-blue eyes. She likes to wear ridiculously expensive designer clothes.
Family Background: Ashe, as she prefers to be called, is the only child from a very rich family that had moved from Manhattan, New York to Ardora years before she was born. Her family decided to expand the company overseas so her parents returned to Manhattan, leaving her in the care of her grandfather. Despite her loving grandfather giving her anything she asked for, Ashe was crushed by her parents' absence and when she started school, she found herself unable to socialize. For many years, Ashe would refuse to leave the house and never made friends to the point that her grandfather hired a psychologist. Then one day at school, she met a young bespectacled boy named Damien who was very kind to her. They became close friends and eventually, Ashe became obsessively infatuated with him through their elementary and high school days. They went to different colleges but she still calls him every other day and visits him from time to time.
Personality: Although a brat, she hides all her bad traits behind a pleasant and proper facade. She's very dependent and needs someone to constantly cling to. She's very possessive and gets jealous very easily. She loves attention, especially Damien's. Also, she's prejudiced towards people and judges them on a first impression basis.
Strengths: She is actually sincerely caring towards people she likes and worries almost all the time for them. She can also be motherly and sweet to people she likes.
Weaknesses: Very stubborn, she's used to getting what she wants and makes sure she always does but is an extreme pushover for Damien. She can be hysterical at times and tends to go overboard. She's very very obsessive.
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