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The country of Mallevis

→ Portabello
Official Language
→ English
Form of Government
→ Democracy
Current President
→ Tony Smith
→ Mallevi Dollar

It is an island nation located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. More specifically, it is South of the tropic of Cancer but North of the equator, making it part of the Micronesia subregion of Oceania.
It was discovered only recently but a passing cargo ship and thus a large part of the country is still untouched. An international dispute about ownership of the islands arose during its initial discovery because of its rich natural resources.To avoid conflict, the island was made a country in its self and many immigrants began moving into the island. The natives of Mallevis were enraged by the increasing number of foreigners and a bloody battle ensued. In the end, the immigrants won and a peace treaty was signed allowing the locals to inhabit a portion of the island. Not long after, a Constitution was drawn up and the Mallevi people set up a republic government.


Mallevis' largest city, it is the educational center of the country as the top universities are found here. It has a lot of suburban areas and its more urbanized placed have plenty of apartments and boarding houses, mainly inhabited by students.

A busy city much like Portabello, its buildings have a grander architecture and thus many national events are hosted here. It houses the main terminal of the Mallevis subway.

This city is known for its many nightclubs and casinos in Mallevis and despite its shady neighborhood, Mallevis' famous are often spotted here.

A large expanse of undeveloped land, it takes up most of Western Mallevis. There are few settlements and communities here that take care of the country's agricultural industry. Th northern half of Kyp is a mountainous region. The indigenous people reside in the southwestern-most part of Kyp.

Liberias Interpol
The business center of Mallevis where most companies' main offices are located. Most of the houses and lots here are big as the richest citizens of Mallevis reside here.

Maro de Buonas
A very serene town, the country's largest water reservoir is found here. It is full of jagged cliff sides and caves, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Old Hawksberg
The oldest city in Mallevis; this was were the first settlement was established. It has many national landmarks; however, its buildings have deteriorated due to age. Lack of attention from the government has resulted in a high crime rate here.

Port Sparrowden
Mallevis main trading port and docks. Majority of the livelihood here is dependent on fishery and shipping. Lately, the city has garnered much attention from the scientific world thanks to the rare tunarnas hybrid that lives in its waters.

The capital of Mallevis and where the presidency is located. It is a bustling metropolis filled with high rise skyscrapers. The National Airport is located here.

A city with a large marketplace; most of the Kyp farm products go here to be distributed to the other cities. Copy right infringement is rampant among the stores here and items are often cheaper here.

It is an arts-based city and has many galleries and theaters. Majority of the buildings here have an aesthetic quality in their architecture.
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