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Submission Dates

Please be informed of the submission of your chapters~

The individual chapters, chapters 1-4, must be submitted by the 22nd of March, so that we can move on to our collaboration chapters. Individual chapters must conclude at the scene where in they all meet for the first time. To further elaborate, it is when the stalker assistant teacher, information to be explained in Damien Peter's chapter, gets run over by Masuyo in Ardora. However, if your characters merge beforehand, then feel free to collaborate even before the scene.

Please take note that Chapters 1-4 are the INDIVIDUAL character chapters. For those who collaborate before the scene of the accident, they must move on to a new chapter. BASTA I CANT EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY, you have to make sure chapters 1-4 are the individual chapters and if you are to collaborate na just make a new chapter. Since it's in order, I'll only move on to my new chapter after all chapters have ended in the accident scene.

We'll be changing the password to this account. If you want to know it ask permission from Chels or Mikki~ Arigatou.
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