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Adrian Pierré

Name: Adrian Pierré
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 25
Birthplace: Auxerre, France
Gender: Male
Race: French
Height: 5"8
Weight: 139 llbs
Bloodtype: B
Religion: Agnostic
Occupation: Dropped out of school
Current Residency: Ardora, Mallevis
Physical Condition: he uses his left hand more often despite being right-handed because of a gunshot wound on the palm of his right hand that damaged his nerves
Hobbies: reading
Skills: Can speak Italian, English and French
Likes: books, dying his hair, sweets
Dislikes: women, people who do not agree with him, dumb people
Pets: N/A
Marks / Scar / Tattoos: tattoo of the Donacelli family emblem on the upper leftmost side of his back, slash wounds on the lower abdomen and left shoulder blade, gunshot wound on the palm of the right hand
Appearance: He has a pale complexion and dull gray eyes. His hair is blond, short and slightly messy. He has a slender body with soft, slightly effeminate features. He prefers to wear casual clothing.
Family Background: Adrian's father came from a family that was heavily involved with the mafia but had broken from their crooked ways for a more decent life; however, when his parents died in a tragic car accident, he and his older brother were sent to a family friend in Italy, Donacelli who was a powerful mafia head. The brothers became associates for the family. Being not Italian they couldn't actually join the mafia. On the estate, Adrian became friends with the Donacelli heir, Malvolio. The two became very close and Adrian developed feelings for Malvolio. But one of Don Donacelli's men, Boiardi had been planning to overthrow the don so he enlisted the two knowing they would be unlikely assasins. Boiardi supplied them with the arms to kill Don Donacelli and Malvolio but Adrian refused to kill him. Adrian's brother managed to persuade him to do so saying it was for both their sakes. But Adrian was still reluctant and on the night itself he couldn't bring himself to kill Malvolio. Instead, he fled immediately with his brother who had just killed Don Donacelli. In France, his older brother began working but at the same time, he became immersed in alcohol and drugs and women. Adrian tried to change his brother but to no avail. Things took a turn for the worst when one of Adrian' brother's girlfriends got him hooked on drugs. He was abused when the two were high; physically by his brother and at times sexually by the girlfriend, which caused his deep hatred for the opposite sex. Then one morning, his brother was found dead (presumably from OD). Distraught at the loss and furious at the girlfriend for ruining their lives, he murdered her. Afterward, he disposed of the body and left France to escape the authorities. He then headed for Mallevis in search of Malvolio, whom he heard had gone there.
Personality: He has a very short temper and thus gets into fights easily. Not a sociable person, he finds it difficult to trust other people or get along with them for that matter. He has a bad case of escapist mentality and tries very hard to forget about his problems. He's usually a rude and very cynical person.
Strengths: He's extremely devoted once he cares for someone and would place that person's well being way above his own. He's also intelligent and an independent thinker.
Weaknesses: He's unorganized and likes to keep it that way. He tends to be reckless, acting without thinking when his emotions are triggered.
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