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Jarred Makislav

Name: Jarred Makislav
Age: 27
Birthdate: January 28
Birthplace: Takar, Mallevis
Gender: Male
Race: Russian
Height: 6"2
Weight: 167 llbs
Bloodtype: O
Religon: Russian Orthodox
Occupation: Head of the Ardora Police Department
Current Residency: Ardora, Malleivs
Physical Condition: N/A
Hobbies: hunting
Skills: He's has good investigative skills and has excellent aim.
Likes: Courtney, hunting, the police department, family bonding, hiking
Dislikes: people who always bicker, Bob, incompetence, people who hate the outdoors, his ex-girlfriend
Pets: Marjorie and Betty, two female German Shepherds who he took from the K-9 unit.
Marks / Scar / Tattoes: N/A
Appearance He has brown eyes that match his chesnut brown hair which is usually always gelled up.
Family Background: His older sister had wanted to become a police since they were children but she died at a young age due to a horrific accident. Wanting to realize her dream for her, Jarred joined the police force. He excelled on the field and through the years became the youngest head of the Ardora Police Department. One night at a local bar, Jarred became intimate with one woman and inadvertently impregnated her. They were engaged but Jarred caught her cheating on him and they separated, he however still supports her and their son, Ivan Makislav who he sees once a month. It is rumored that he supports his son through money pocketed from the police department.
Personality: He's kind and caring although a little overly pragmatic, having no problems resorting to dirty ways if it comes with a positive result. He likes to tease and prank his subordinates especially if he knows they have negative feelings towards him. He also believes in vengeance, returning an eyes for an eye. Systematic and very orderly, he always keeps a cool, level-headed perspective. He is extremely dedicated to the police department.
Strengths: He's a good leader and has an air that demands respect. He's also a very loving father and a gentleman.
Weaknesses: He's too dutiful that it blurs his moral reasoning most of the times. He's a bit short-sighted and usually looks at things with double standards.
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