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Enrique Marcelo


Enrique Marcelo
Age: 28
Birthdate: August 18
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Gender: Male
Race: Spanish
Height: 6’’ ft
Weight: 161 lbs
Bloodtype: B
Religon: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Marine Biologist
Current Residency: Port Sparrowden, Mallevis
Physical Condition: N/A
Hobbies: Diving, reading, going to the occasional strip bar, Photography
Skills: Able to socialize pretty well despite his background, dancing, and photographic memory
Likes: Flamenco dancing, reading, the occasional bed partner, cooking
Dislikes: Being touched by women, being reminded of his older brother, his mother, cockroaches
Pets: An octopus named Charlie
Marks / Scar / Tattoo’s: His mother made a deep gash in his left thigh with one of the kitchen knives.
Appearance: Black curly hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin and muscular
Family Background: When he was in elementary school, his father and mother separated over an alleged financial issue. In despair, he desperately tried to get his parents to get back together and live as a happy family. Until one day, he witnessed his mother sleeping with another man. His mother spotted him and raped her son in a blind rage. He never reported the incident but stopped visiting his mother all together. His older brother Pedro knew about the rape but never spoke about it. Pedro spent nearly all his time comforting his younger brother. Sadly, a few months later, Pedro drowned and left his brother with his apathetic father.
Personality: Lively and energetic. He loves to talk about everything and anyone under the sun.
Strengths: He’s protective of the people close to him and does everything he possibly can to make them happy. He pushes himself to overcome his weaknesses for his sake and for those he cares for.
Weaknesses: Despite his sunny nature, he’s actually prone to regular and extreme bouts of depression. He hides his emotions under a smile and tries to please everyone around him. Mostly, he’s insecure and often bottles up his feelings.
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