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Lucas Valentine

Name: Lucas Valentine
Age: 23
Birthdate: December 26
Birthplace: New Jersey
Gender: Male
Race: American
Height: 6"0
Weight: 164 llbs
Bloodtype: B
Religon: Agnostic
Occupation: Dropped out of college to pursue his music career, he's a drummer for an unnamed punk-rock band, an amateur skate boarder and works part time as a key duplicator.
Current Residency: Old Hawksberg, Mallevis
Physical Condition: N/A
Hobbies: Drums, skateboarding
Skills: He's an excellent skateboarder.
Likes: skateboarding, drums, rock music, song-writing, locks
Dislikes: whores, bright and flamboyant things
Pets: N/A
Marks / Scar / Tattoes: Elaborate tattoos on both arms, more tattoos on back, neck, legs, everywhere!
Appearance He has green eyes and orange hair sporting the liberty spikes style.
Family Background: He was abandoned by his parents and he grew up in an orphanage. He was actually a very promising child prodigy and thus was often put up for adoption but was always dropped at the last minute, due to one reason or another. Bitter and thinking he was worthless as no one seemed to want him, he got involved with the wrong crowd and ran away from the orphanage to live on the streets as a juvenile delinquent. He joined gangs and began engaging in a lot of illegalities. When his gang planned a large scale bank robbery, he became a key duplicator to study how to open the bank's safe and from there gained a strong interest with locks. The robbery however ended in failure and he was sent to jail but was released after a few months. Despite such a vicious lifestyle, he actually had a strong passion for skateboarding and trained everyday during his gang days. After getting out of jail, he was began to win all the underground X-games in Mallevis; however sponsors didn't like him and the lack of support led him to continue his work as a key duplicator. One night, at a bar, he recognized the bartender as a member of the gang he was in. He and the bartender, Jhaeda reminisced and after a sexual encounter, they formed an underground punk-rock band.
Personality: Lucas Valentine is an all-around tough-guy. He’s the bully every dork fears, he’s the guy who usually starts the moshpit, the type of person you don’t want to pick a fight with. But deep inside, his true-self shines ever so slightly. An emotional songwriter, a dramatic man who contemplates about his unworthy life every night, and occasionally glances at his left wrist with a straight razor.
Strengths: He's a sensitive introvert.
Weaknesses: He keeps his emotions bottled up and has trouble expressing them to everyone else.

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