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Danielle Peters

: Danielle Peters
Alias: Clea
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Gender: F
Race: Unknown
Height: 5'8
Religion: Agnostic. Whenever she has free time and bums around, she usually ends up thinking about her life, and questions God.
Occupation: She's a hostess in a few clubs, under different pseudonyms and appearances, usually to get information out of clients
Current Residency: She has a reported 'HQ' of which the whereabouts remain unknown.
Appearance: At the club she is number one at, she wears a wig, long, black, straight cut bangs. Her real image is; light brown, shoulder-length, wavy hair, green eyes.
Family Background: (Spoiler for the plot~) When she was 16, and when Damien was 11, she was the valedictorian in her highschool batch. She liked pleasing everybody. She was adored by her parents, who weren't always around, and she adored her younger brother. She took care of him, tutored him, cooked for him, and even played videogames with him (? uh..) One night, during the first party her parents gave her permission to go to, she was drugged, raped by three boys, stabbed to death and thrown into a river. Unfortunately, she didn't die. Her wounds were fatal, but she managed to survive the night, walking a VERY LONG distance to Heimridge, where she eventually collapsed in front of one of the top host clubs in the country. The Mama took her in, fixed her up, and in a few years time, she was the number one hostess of the club, under the name Clea.
Additional notes: Danielle will later on be the 'vigilante' of our story, who oftentimes crosses paths with our four protagonists. She goes after the son-of-a-bitches (gr?) that poison the poor country of Mallevis. It just so happens that sometimes, our protagonists have the exact same person on their deathlist as Danielle, and with the latter being the more experienced one, she manages to remain one step ahead of them, infuriating Damien especially. Damien then continues to kill for the sole purpose of finding a) the people who killed his sister and b) Clea. He never figures out, however, that Clea, who he manages to kill in the end, was his sister, and he goes crazy upon discovering her true identity. Clea, all the while, knew that one of the four most notorious and mysterious killers of Mallevis was her brother, and she would tend to save them from fucked up situations, which Damien would find patronizing, rather than life-saving.
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