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General Questions

● How did The Dead's Desire start?
On March of 2007, Mikki, Lum-Lum, Ki-Cho and Yama-chan decided to start a story about a group of serial killers and from then on made a story which came to be known as the Dead's Desire or DD for short. Iya was then signed on for official art and as the role of Shihong. Many people were recruited to join initially but due to the ridiculous amount of writers, inactive ones were dropped. Eventually, Yama-chan decided to drop out of the story due to school work in 2008, withdrawing her characters as well. Iya then took her place as one of the main 4 and various plot points were greatly changed to improve the story and fix former plot holes. As of mid-2009, the plot is still being polished.

● Is Mallevis real?
No. Mallevis is a fictional country created by the writers as the setting for DD. As are the National Animal, the tunarnas. Although feel free to try breeding one yourself; the results could get messy.

● What are the addresses of the characters?
Since four main characters decided to form an alliance, Damien suggested that they live together to make planning easier. Masuyo purchased the house at 409 Cider st., Ardora City for them but due to his refusal towards sharing living spaces with the other 3 so instead he bought another house next to theirs.
Malvolio on the other hand, holds his base of operations in his mansion at 73 Promenade ave., Libieras Interpol City.

● What's a Märchen? Is it edible?
No, Märchen is a designer brand in Mallevis that encompasses clothing, accessories, jewelry, and the like. Anotheer company of interest is the Tsutsumi corp. which is the biggest electronics company in Mallevis and owned by Masuyo's family.

● How can I contact the writers?
You can contact any of the writers individually through their livejournal accounts as seen in the userinfo or you can email us at the official DD email :

Character Specific Questions
Questions here are typically answered by the writer who controls the character but can be answered collectively.

● Does Jhaeda actually have feelings for Damien?
Yeah, it was love at first sight but because of her ego, she brushed the feeling off. (Lum-Lum)

● What's Bob Rainbow's favorite flavor of donuts?
The question is, does he hate any donut at all? (Ki-Cho)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the writers or you can email us questions or better yet, you can comment directly here with your questions and we will gladly answer it for you. :)
♥ The DD Team
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lol, I remember your characters. Claire and Alex Caine. XD;

Is that a line from our batch song?'o'